I am happiest when traveling.  I feel alive, engaged, and free. 

When the pandemic hit, travel stopped. Initially, depression set in. I felt stifled and confined. I desperately longed to be out on the road.  So, I began a new journey. One close to home. I unpacked a drone that had been stuffed in a closet —an unopened Christmas gift from two years ago. 

I began taking photos from a new point of view. Instead of photographing far-away places, I captured and explored familiar locations in a new way. I grew photographic wings.  I discovered the Salt Flats just minutes from my home; a place I regularly drove by and never paid much attention to. And when I looked from above, startling colors came into view and exciting patterns emerged. 

The change of perspective surprised and delighted me. It made my familiar world seem otherworldly. Unexpected geometry, natural leading lines, curves, patterns, and textures all emerged---pushing the landscape into abstracts. 

Photographing from above made me fall in love with life and photography all over again. 

Instead of traveling far, I traveled up.